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Race Car Rentals

Are you looking to get into auto racing? Are you trying to get back on the track after time away?  If you find yourself without a race car, Bryans Racing Enterprises (BRE) in Santee, CA offers safe, well-maintained, and fully supported cars that can move you into the competitive groove. 


BRE cars can be fielded at Spears SRL Southwest Tour events.   We’re sure you will find our cars, technical knowledge, expertise and passion for the sport an advantage over the field. 


Contact us now to schedule your next race event with us.  


Shock Rentals

Shocks can be one of the most overlooked advantages in a race car.  If your shock package is not providing you with the proper down force you are leaving time on the track.  BRE has a shock dyno and build room onsite at our 6,000 sq. ft. facility.  Our NASCAR Sprint Cup knowledge as well as our experience with different shock packages can help us build the right package for your needs. 


BRE shocks can be fielded at the NASCAR K&N Pro Series (East/West) and SRL Southwest Tour events, just to name a few.


Give us a call to discuss your specific application and determine what package will give you the feel and speed you need.  Shock rental packages start at $300/event.


Custom Engine Building and Rentals

For 40 years, BRE has been providing top quality engines to the racing and performance markets. Through cutting edge technology we offer our customers custom solutions to fit their applications.


Our proven race engine packages are available for rent in a multitude of different racing applications.  Give us a call to speak to one of our experienced technicians.


Race Track Consulting

Are you looking for some real racing expertise to point you to the winner’s circle?  BRE Consulting Services can provide test day or race day expert advice on set-up changes, shock and spring packages, and driver coaching in your car or ours.  Packages can be limited to one service or include the complete suite of services and equipment that will be sure to move you into the fast groove.


Whatever your skill level, rookie or expert, BRE is a one-stop shop that can help direct you through the many facets of race car dynamics.  


Contact us for details and to schedule your next race event with us.


Our Consulting Services: 

  • Spears Southwest Tour

  • K&N Pro Series

  • Driver Coaching: Eddie Bryans or Auggie Vidovich

  • Track crew/consulting services (test or race day)

  • Data acquisition and HD in-car video


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