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Through our engineering ingenuity, we build state-of-the-art circle track or road course chassis.


 Our services include:


  • Full Rolling Chassis (with or without interior tin)

  • Front or Rear Clips

  • Chassis Rebuilds



Driven by our unparalleled passion to create superior performance, Bryans Racing Enterprises' (BRE's) forward thinking design team has spent countless hours in R&D time to produce top quality suspension components to give our clients the advantage on the track.  Our team has thoroughly tested and carefully selected the appropriate materials through CAD model, FEA, and component track testing. This testing ensures that our products are the lightest and strongest component for your application, giving you the winning edge.


BRE Components (Custom & Off-The-Shelf)


  • Upper Control Arms

  • Lower Control Arms

  • Spindles



Fill out a work order to get started, or give us a call (619-928-2731).


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