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Grease & Lubricants

Recommended by leading camshaft manufacturers, this unique extreme pressure lube dissolves completely in oil without clogging oil passageways or plugging oil filters. Proven to cling to and protect surfaces during initial start-up, Driven Engine Assembly Grease delivers protection you can count on. Apply to cams and lifters for break-in protection. It can also be used on distributor gears, rocker shafts, rocker tips, pushrod tips, wrist pins and valve guides. Combining with BR series break-in oils provides proven protection during break-in.  #00728 1lb. Tub

Designed specifically to extend the durability of high speed sliding spline teeth in racing applications, Spline Grease utilizes a high viscosity synthetic base to create enhanced thermal stability and oxidation resistance, while a proprietary anti-wear additive package is fortified with Moly for excellent wear protection. Perfect for Sprint Car drivelines, cambered rear housing axles and drive plates.  #70070

A premium extreme pressure grease with greater load carrying and a higher dropping
point than traditional lithium greases. EPC delivers exceptional mechanical stability for improved protection. Designed for high temperature and high load applications.


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