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Ty-Rap® High Performance Nylon Cable Ties

Innovative design and engineered materials make Ty-Rap® cable ties from Thomas & Betts the perfect fastening solution where performance really matters. Often imitated but never equaled, Ty-Rap cable ties provide superior performance in any application. 

The Grip of Steel®:  Ty-Rap's non-hydroscopic stainless steel locking device ensures maximum strength and extended useful life.

Fewer Stress Points:  Ty-Rap's smooth, notchless body reduces the number of stress points to increase its useful life, while ribs and stipples grip the bundle and prevent slipping.

Snag Free Installation:  The low-profile head and its oval shape make it easier to pull bundled cables through bulkheads and it’s easier on your hands, too!

Performance in High and Low Temp Environments:  Ty-Rap cable ties are available in multiple materials to operate in extreme environments.



Rounded Edges
• Smooth Metal Pawl Prevents Cable Wear and Damage. Won't damage sensitive wires

• Cable ties have a bent tip for easier pickup, insertion and pull-up
• Self-locking, one-piece, low-profile head conserves space
Smooth, rounded edges do not cut insulation - or hands - and are comfortable to work with.

General purpose Nylon 6/6 is suitable for use in most practical applications at a continuous temperature up to 150°F. Nylon 6/6, the grade most often used for cable tie production, meets
UL 94V-2 flammability ratings. The working temperature range is from 40°F to 185 °F.
• Stainless Steel locking device holds tight and last long. Ty-Rap cable ties won't rust.


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